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PTPN VIII Executed "replanting" of 871 Ha Tea Plant Print E-mail

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) VIII rejuvenated (replanted) tea in the area of 871 hectares spread over 17 unit of managed estates. The estates are Gedeh, Panyairan, Goalpara, Pangheotan, Ciater, Sinumbra, Rancabali, Rancabolang, sedep, Copenhagen Santosa, Purbasari, Malabar, Pasirmalang, Kertamanah, Papandayan, Cisaruni, and Dayeuhmanggung.

The President Director of PTPN VIII, Bagas Angkasa, in his speech at the first planting of Tanaman Tahun Ini Teh (TTI Teh, Tea crops for this year) 2009 in Malabar Tea Plantation in Bandung regency, Tuesday (27/10) said, tea replanting is an implementation of the revitalization program of tea commodity. Area for rejuvenation reaches 4% of the total area of Tanaman Menghasilkan (TM, yielded Crops), or 200% larger than it should be which is 2% annually.

With the expansion, The President Director stated that the tea replanting program this time is very different from the previous years where the realization of the last TTI conducted in 2004 in average was below 2% of the total area of TM. Another different thing is that rejuvenation program has been performed inconsistently during the previous years, causing the imbalance of age composition of the plants, which in turn affects the plant productivity.

"So the realization of this TTI will continue in accordance with the Long Term Plan program of PTPN VIII whether through replanting and new planting so that the target of 3505.25 hectares in the year 2014 could be achieved," he hoped.

The President Director added, given the TTI is so large (the average of 50 ha per estate) let alone takes a huge budget, the management deems it needs specific training followed by kepala tanaman (the head of plant division), sinder afdeling (the head of plant sub-division), and mandor besar (the head of supervisors). He hoped, this TTI program can be realized as planned with satisfactory results. The goal is the shortest possible time (2.5 years) of TBM (not yet yielded crops) with a minimum plant productivity of 3000 kg dry tea / ha / year.

Therefore, to achieve these goals, the president director appealed to the administrators and workers in the plantation to make sure that the plant investment can be restored within a relatively short time and can result in profits for the company.

"To the participants, we also hope to seriously implement and get the best out of the training that could be practiced at each estate to reach the result of TTI according to the standard that has been established in the Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), he said.

While The President Commissioner of PTPN VIII, Usman Basjah, expressed that the tea crop replanting program is implemented in line with the corporate strategy through the intensification of superior group composition rearrangement so that it is expected to increase productivity and quality of commodities gradually to achieve corporate objectives as planned.

According to him, to increase the productivity of tea plant, the board of commissioners considers that the important steps include changing pruning patterns from previously 4-year to 3-2,5 years, applying proper fertilization methods, and consistent land intensification by planting various woods. Therefore, innovative and creative breakthroughs are expected to overcome the loss of production during plant growth.

"We remind you, this TTI program is a very expensive investment. Therefore, it needs seriousness, readiness, and the cooperation of human resources who are functionally responsible for this program. We believe, through the process of planning and good preparation, especially in the implementation of training, this program can work out", he said. (SR)

(Source: Medikom, translated by admin of PTPN VIII website)

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